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About the horror_vids community:
Welcome to Horror fan video community!
Here at horror_vids you can share and discuss videos.
Open to all fandoms and all vid genres (slash, het, gen, constructed reality, etc).
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To make it easier on our archivists and those looking for vids please put;
Subject line: Title or Song, character or pairing.
Also include tags with vidder's name, band, song, character, pairings, and genre

*If you don't tag your vid post, I will when I add it to the memories unless you specify that you do not want it tagged.
1. Stay on topic. This community is for horror fan vids.

2. Feedback is apperciated. Constructive critism and comments are encouraged as well.

3. Just a reminder:"Your vid sucks", is not constructive and is not welcome in this community.

4. If you link to your vid in a "Friends Only" journal, please be kind and unlock that post. If you don't the vid information will be deleted from horror_vids

5. Disclaimer-Vids posted here are not intended to infringe on any television or music copy-writes. They are made for fun by the fans for the fans.

28 days later, 976-evil, afraid of the dark, alone in the dark, bad taste, baron blood, basket case, black cat, blade, bleeders, body bags, bram stoker's dracula, cabin fever, candyman, carnival of souls, carrie, cat's eye, child's play, children of the corn, dagon, darkness falls, dawn of the dead, day of the dead, dead alive, demons, disturbing behavior, donnie darko, dreamcatcher, embrace of the vampire, event horizon, exorcism of emily rose, flatliners, flowers in the attic, frankenstein, freddy vs. jason, friday the 13th, fright night, from dusk till dawn, ghost ship, ghoulies, graveyard shift, gremlins, halloween, hellraiser, house, house of 1000 corpses, house on haunted hill, interview with the vampire, its alive, jacob's ladder, jason x, jaws, jeepers creepers, jurassic park, leprechaun, lord of illusions, maniac cop, maximum overdrive, mimic, misery, motel hell, my bloody valentine, night breed, night of the creeps, night of the demons, nightmare on elm street, nosferatu, people under the stairs, pet sematary, phantasm, poltergeist, predator, prom night, psycho, pumpkinhead, puppet master, queen of the damned, re-animator, resident evil, rosemary's baby, salem's lot, sandman, scream, session 9, sleepy hollow, species, stephen king's it, stigmata, strange days, strangeland, subspecies, suspiria, tale of a vampire, the amityville horror, the birds, the blair witch project, the blob, the curse, the dark, the dentist, the evil dead, the exorcist, the fear, the fog, the frighteners, the funhouse, the grave, the grudge, the haunting, the hidden, the hitcher, the howling, the invaders, the lost boys, the mangler, the monster squad, the mummy, the ninth gate, the omen, the others, the prophecy, the ring, the seventh sign, the shining, the sixth sense, the stand, the texas chainsaw massacre, the thing, the toxic avenger, the twilight zone, the unholy, tourist trap, tremors, trick or treat, troll, unborn, underworld, urban legend, valentine, vampire journals, village of the damned, warlock, waxwork, what lies beneath, willard, wishmaster, witchboard, witchcraft, wolf, wolfman